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Ulysses Cooper has dedicated his LiFe to a Service-Driven Life of Excellence in the name of others. He believes to better serve others is to Focus on Education and LiFe Experiences so, that he can better transfer his journey with the world. So, others can systematically absorb all the tools necessary to springboard there LiFe to the Next Level.


To name just a few of his accomplishments, Ulysses Cooper has been a Code Official "Specializing in Commercial Low & High Pressure Power Boilers for Central Utility Plants servicing all of Washington, D.C. area at the (DCRA) Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Pre-Foreclosure Specialist, REALTOR, Licensed Property Manager, License Stationary Engineer, A.A.S. Associate Degree in HVAC/R, Universal CFC Certified Technician, CFC Certified Proctor in Refrigeration Transition and Recovery as Specified by the Section  EPA / 608 of The Clean Air Act, (HVAC/R) Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning / Refrigeration Instructor, NSA - National Speakers Association Candidate,  Keynote Speaker, Certified Trained DiSC Facilitator, Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) from Toastmasters 

International, Serves as a Volunteer as a (USIBA) United States Intercollegiate Boxing Association  and USA Boxing Certified Official & Coach (Governed by AIBA - International Amateur Boxing Association & USOC - United State Olympic Committee), TV Personality of Local Award Winning Talk Show, Actor (leading role in 2 movies) and  Associate Movie Producer of a Feature Film Production Company  

“Living Your Dreamsss”


JBC Entertainment


Watch this sneak preview of this award-winning TV show, before this episode 


Charlie Grant, Author of "How To Survive In A BAD Economy"




"All We Have Are Memories":


"S.H.I.F.T. (When LiFe S.H.I.F.T. On You, You Must S.H.I.F.T On LiFe)":


"Road Trip":


"How To Survive In A Bad Economy" (Part 1):


"How To Survive In A Bad Economy" (Part 2):


"Scenes from the movie (How To Survive In A Bad Economy)


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